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Biovit Foo-Ti-Teng

Biovit Foo-Ti-Teng

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The natural Chinese tonic.

Our Biovit Foo-Ti-Teng™ has been formulated based on the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as an adaptogen and rejuvenator used to strengthen the blood, invigorate the kidneys and liver, and serve as a tonic to increase overall vitality.

The addition of Biotin (the natural form of Vitamin B7) creates a unique, synergistic formulation with a positive effect on hair health and growth.

Also known as He Shou Wu, this Chinese herb, is renowned in China for promoting intuition and longevity. In Chinese, He Shou Wu is directly translated as “the black haired Mr. He”.


Product can be used as a comprehensive tonic and a rejuvenator for the hair.

Some of the more recent studies show this herb possessing other benefits for the entire body such as: DNA protection and repair (including telomeres), hair growth and rejuvenation, increased spiritual awareness and intuition, also higher mental functioning.


90 caps

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