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  • Relieves nervousness and tones up
  • Herbs – Vitamins – Minerals
  • Certified vegan – Gluten, lactose, soya and peanut free

Stress-X contains Valerian and Hops, herbs which are traditionally used in herbal medicine to help relieve nervousness (calming/sedative action). Stress-X also has an antioxidant action that contributes to the maintenance of good health. Thanks to Siberian Ginseng, also used in herbal medicine, Stress-X has a tonic action in case of general debility or convalescence. Finally, it helps to restore mental or physical performance after a period of exhausting effort.

Stress-X can help stressed, worried, anxious or tired persons, acting in 4 ways: it calms, energizes, nourishes, and helps to better adapt to difficult situations. Acting on the nervous structure, Stress-X stimulates without overexciting.


Siberian Ginseng – 500 mg (Eleutherococcus senticosus) (Roots);
Valerian - 250 mg (Valeriana officinalis) (Roots);
Hops – 125 mg (Humulus lupulus L.) (Flowers, strobiles);
Citrus bioflavonoids – 33.3 mg (Lemon (Citrus limon), Orange (Citrus sinensis), Lime (Citrus aurantifolia), Tangerine (Citrus reticulata), Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi));
Spirulina – 16.7 mg (Spirulina platensis) (Whole algae).
C – 75 mg (Ascorbic Acid);
B5 – 33.5 mg (D-Calcium Pantothenate);
B3 – 10 mg (Nicotinic Acid);
B6 – 6.5 mg (Pyridoxine HCl);
B1 – 5 mg (Thiamine HCl);
B2 – 4 mg (Riboflavin);
PABA (B10) – 3.5 mg (Para-aminobenzoic Acid);
E – 3.35 mg ATE (D-Alpha Tocopheryl Acid Succinate);
A – 300 µg RAE (Palmitate);
B9 – 200 µg (Folate);
B8 – 60 µg (Biotin);
B12 – 20 µg (Cyanocobalamin);
D3 – 2.5 µg (Sheep Cholesterol, Lanolin, Cholecalciferol from Sheep’s Wool Oil).
Magnesium – 50 mg (Concentrated Desalinated Inland Sea Water from the Great Salt Lake);
Calcium – 50 mg (Calcium Phosphate Tribasic);
Potassium – 29.5 mg (Potassium Citrate);
Zinc – 5 mg (Zinc Citrate);
Chromium – 7 µg (Chromium Chloride);
Selenium – 3.5 µg (Sodium Selenate).


Take 2 tablets per day at meal time, or as advised by your health care practitioner. Take a few hours before or after taking other medications. Consult a health care practitioner before using this product for more than 1 month.


60 and 120 tablets

NPN: 80037725

For more information on this product, view the “Technical Data Sheet” .

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